Fighting for Withybush Hospital

Stephen believes that the latest proposals to remove Accident and Emergency services at Withybush is reckless and will put lives at risk.He helped fight Labour’s first attempt to downgrade the hospital in 2005 and has challenged Welsh Labour Ministers in Cardiff about their devastating cuts. Stephen opposed the closure of SCBU and overnight paediatrics and has been an active supporter of the local campaign group.

Supporting Young People

Stephen has always argued for more investment in Pembrokeshire’s young people. He worked closely with Haverfordwest Skate Association to get the new skatepark built on time. Over the last 10 years he has helped dozens of local young people make a start in working life through work placements and paid internships. Stephen is passionate about education and has spoken out in support of keeping Ysgol Dewi Sant open.

Lowering Crime

Pembrokeshire has one of the lowest crime rates in the UK thanks to an excellent team of local police officers, PCSOs and Dyfed Powys’ first ever directly elected Police and Crime Commissioner, Chris Salmon. Stephen wants it to stay that way.

Supporting Older People

Stephen believes that older people who have worked hard all their lives should have dignity and security in retirement. Conservatives have given the biggest ever cash increase to the state pension and will continue to protect fuel payments and free TV licenses. They have made it easier for pensioners to pass on their pension pots to families’ tax free and have scrapped the requirement to buy annuities so they can spend their pension savings as they want.

Backing Local Shops and Renewing our Town Centres

Stephen is a strong champion of local shops and small business. He wants to see vibrant town centres and believes that more can be done to level the playing field for small shops competing against internet and out-of-town giants. He has called on Welsh Government to act urgently on Business Rates which are crippling town centres.

Action for Local Jobs

Helping to build a strong economic future for Pembrokeshire has always been a key priority for Stephen. Unemployment has fallen across the county since 2010 meaning more people are back in work and fewer claiming out-of-work benefits. Conservatives are helping small businesses to grow and take on more staff. Stephen has helped hundreds of local businesses by taking up their issues with local and government agencies.

Protecting Milford Haven Coastguard

In 2011 Stephen worked with the local campaign group to challenge the proposed closure of Milford Haven Coastguard Station. He brought the Coastguard Minister to Milford Haven to meet campaigners, councillors and staff at the station to see for himself the impact that the closure would have. This led to the decision being over-turned which saved 23 jobs and a vital local service for the community.

Tackling Immigration

Stephen believes in a firm but fair approach to immigration. He supports changes to the Human Rights Act to stop it being abused by illegal immigrants and believes the Government is right to cut benefits for immigrants. He believes immigration should be limited to genuine cases and workers with vital skills.