Withyhedge Landfill Concerns

*****UPDATE***** 26th February 2024


Regarding the meeting today, it will be an important opportunity for the residents in the local community to ask direct questions to the site owner and those public bodies that are responsible for the regulation of the Landfill. It is being held at Crundale Community Hall at 7pm. 


As Parliament is sitting I will be in Westminster today and unfortunately I will not be able to attend. I will make sure I get full feedback from the local County Councillor about how it proceeds.

Just a reminder about my action so far on this devolved issue:

In December I wrote to Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire County Council, and the Chief Executive of Natural Resources Wales, demanding action on behalf of the community. This prompted a site visit in early January with the Chief Executive of PCC, which my team attended (it was a sitting day in Parliament). Paul Davies MS, as the lead on this devolved issue, also attended.

Following this, I wrote to the Welsh Government Minister for Climate Change, Julie James MS, asking for her to attend your meeting and engage with the issues relating to the Landfill. I also wrote out to the community to update them and share information. I have also been sharing updates that I have received from NRW and Welsh Government on my own Facebook page.

Paul Davies, as the local MS, has been directly challenging the Minister in the Senedd as part of our collaborative approach to maintain the pressure on those who are in a position to effect a prompt and lasting solution to this issue.


December 2023


I am aware of the strength of feeling in the community about the unacceptable odour coming from the nearby Withyhedge Landfill, as well as the excessive amount of lorry traffic on the road to the site. I have also smelled it on the A40 driving past, and I can appreciate your frustration at the lack of progress by the owners of the site, Resource Management UK Ltd (RML).


In response to the large number of complaints from constituents affected, I have been involved in discussions with the Chief Executive of Pembrokeshire County Council and the Head of Operations from Natural Resources Wales, working closely with Paul Davies MS and Cllr Steve Yelland. A site visit was held last week, where the Managing Director of RML was challenged on the management of the site, the volume of traffic and the offensive odour. It is essential that RML work take urgent action to resolve this situation.


In early December I wrote the regulator Natural Resources Wales to ask about the steps they were taking to eradicate the odour and to enquire into the management of the site, and received a response which I include below for your information.


Here’s a reminder of the avenues to report your concerns: