Pembrokeshire's Green Heart Heroes

Local MP Stephen Crabb joined a Pembrokeshire family in Westminster last week, as they were nominated for an award.

Mason and Indie Adey from Coastlands School in Broad Haven, along with their parents Stephen and Jeri, to Parliament for the Climate Coalition’s inaugural Green Heart Hero Awards.  Indie and Mason had been shortlisted in the final three for a Best Green Heart award.

Indie, aged 3 and Mason, 6, made a “green heart” from their toys, as they wanted to use things they love to show their friends the need to protect the world from climate change.

The Climate Coalition is the largest group of people dedicated to fighting climate change and represents over 15 million people and 130 organisations across the UK, including the Women’s Institute, the RSPB and the National Trust.

The Green Heart Hero Awards celebrate the endeavours of individuals and community groups across the country in all that they are doing to create a cleaner and more secure future.

Stephen Crabb said: “I always enjoy welcoming constituents to Parliament, especially when they’ve worked hard and are shortlisted for a national award.

“I hope Indie, Mason and their family enjoyed their visit to London and meeting the Prime Minister. Congratulations once again to them on their recognition.”