Hydrotherapy unit makes a splash!

A PIONEERING hydrotherapy unit for animals is now available in North Pembrokeshire.  

The Oak Veterinary Group’s Fishguard branch is home to a hydrotherapy pool and treadmill which offers pioneering treatment for Pembrokeshire’s cats and dogs and they recently welcomed Stephen Crabb MP for a demonstration.  

Given a tour of the practice by Caroline Gardner, Group Director, and a demonstration of the hydrotherapy unit, Stephen saw springer spaniel Chas, who is recovering from a fractured elbow and collie Lilly who was injured in a road accident, being treated in the pool. 

Stephen said following the visit: “Many local dog and even cat owners have been seeking this type of treatment for their pets recovering from fractures or to ease conditions such as arthritis. Up until now this wasn’t available in the County.  

“It’s great to see that the cutting edge of veterinary practice is available locally, putting pet owners minds at ease.” 

Caroline Gardner said: "We are delighted with our state-of-the art hydro treadmill and to be able to provide this service for the many pets of Pembrokeshire who have previously had to travel to Swansea for this form of hydrotherapy. We are having great success treating many conditions - post-operative rehab, arthritis, older dogs going off their legs for example. It's also great for fitness and conditioning in working dogs"