‘Don’t squander’ extra £600m coming to Wales

PRESELI MP Stephen Crabb has urged the Welsh Government not to ‘squander’ the additional money coming to Wales.

Wales’ funding has been boosted by £600 million as a result of the UK Government’s Spending Review in Westminster, and MP Stephen Crabb wants this money to be used on education and health.

Mr Crabb said: “Schools funding in Wales has suffered under the Welsh Government with per pupil funding lower than it should be, given the total money that Wales gets from UK Government.

“However, the Welsh Government has neglected these front-line services in Wales. The Welsh Government remains the only administration across the UK to have cut the NHS budget and used the money for other political priorities.

“Today, £385 million extra is being made available for health services in Wales as a result of the increase in NHS spending in England. £195 million extra is available for education. It’s now up to the Welsh Government to decide if this money actually makes it through to these services and isn’t squandered. Pembrokeshire schools and Withybush Hospital need a fair share of this money.”